Art vs Pizza

‘If Art is a commodity, is it just a commodity [like pizza]*’ ?

12pm-5pm, Sunday 6th and 13th December. 

Transmission Resource Room.

An informal research group on being marooned in contemporary art. Pizza & fizzy drinks provided.

To attend email:


Google Useless Radio are feeling a bit lost in contemporary art, a pervasive sense of futility hangs around our attempts at subversion, critical practice and losing of authorship. Marooned in contemporary art, seemingly light years from an exit point, we invite you to join us on two Sunday afternoons at Transmission to watch, read and chew it all over.

Reading: ‘Art, Value and the Freedom Fetish’, Spaulding, D. and Demby, N. Mute Magazine, 2015

“If art is a commodity, is it just a commodity, subject to the law of value? Or does art's distinctive process of production render it capable of a relative, and critical, independence?”

Screenings: ‘On the Necessity of Art’s Exit from Contemporary Art’, Malik, S. Artist Space, New York, 2014
“The effort is made to escape art as we have it… the now familiar emphases on participation, non-art, smuggling, deterritorialisation, inbetweenness, eventhood, indeterminacy, deskilling, etc. all heed this imperative… But as reiterations of the logic of escape, these efforts also perpetuate and entrench the very limitations of art they seek to overcome… This series proposes that for art to have substantial and credible traction on anything beyond or larger than itself, it is necessary to exit contemporary art.”

We hope to watch 2 of 4 screenings a day and read texts too, there’ll be lots of time for chat and breaks. We may or may not have watched/read it all, and hope someone out there can explain it to us, not the other way around!

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